Travel Nursing Stage 2: Actually Traveling!

Well, it’s finally happening.


We are finally getting ready to pack our bags and leave South Carolina forever.  This is where the real adventure begins.

Thus far we’ve been keeping it local.  I stayed at my job, my husband has been commuting to a travel contract about an hour away while also working his jobs in the Columbia area (yes, that’s three jobs.  My husband is the hardest working man I know).  We moved in with my parents for a few months while we rented our house out.

But now, it gets real.  Last week my husband got a call saying a hospital in Ft. Myers, Fla.  wanted to hire him!  Through some strange communication error, we were told initially that that they offered the post to someone else.  We were discouraged but determined to find the right place for us, especially as his contract locally is set to finish one week from today.  It’s been a faith stretching experience, let me tell you!

On Thursday, his phone rang.  It was his travel nursing agency letting him know that the job was his!  We are so relieved to have another contract in a state we were hoping to travel.  God quickly opened the door to the right place for us to stay in the area before our tiny house is built.  There’s a hospital in my insurance network where I can have our little girl the way I want to (includes hydrotherapy, not hooked up to a million bells and whistles, no epidural, natural and real) and our contract extends (just) past baby’s due date.  We are five minutes from the gym, 10 minutes from the beach, 25 from Jeremy’s work, and five minutes from several great looking health food stores!

There is A LOT for us to do before we leave town.  I have to find a new home for my little electric car (not selling it per se, just need someone to drive it and pay insurance), I need to get my medical records transferred to my new OB/GYN office, work on getting financing for our tiny house, find some way for my family and friends to throw me a baby shower, figure out how to take everything we need for weeks in just my husband’s Prius (talk about traveling tiny!), and say goodbye to family and friends (the truly hard part).

I’ll probably do an update post on our tiny house in a few weeks.  Another area of life that is getting really exciting!



Author: travelingtinylivinghealthy

My husband and I are embarking on adventure: travel nursing, building and living in a tiny house, and trying to live healthy along the way. Come with us!

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