All the Updates!


One of my favorite movies as a kid was Mary Poppins, and one of my favorite scenes was watching Dick Van Dyke play the one man band.  How could he play the accordion, and the drum and the horn at the same time?  I found his ability to multitask so impressive.  Little did I realize what awaited me with motherhood…

Update on my pregnancy…

I’m no longer pregnant!  Baby girl arrived just after the sun did Sunday, February 4th after 8.5 hours of a totally natural, non-intervention birth!  I’ll post a longer version of my birth story, but she was 6 lb 15 oz of pure cuteness!  Thankfully she was born without any of the usual newborn alien-like qualities, just heart-meltingly cute right from the get go!  She’s now two weeks old and killing me with a growth spurt.  I had no idea how exhausting cluster feeding can be!

Update on the tiny house…

I wish I had an update.  The truth is both of us thought we would be living in the tiny house by now, but we’ve been shut down time after time by bank after bank.  No one will give out a loan for a tiny house.  NO ONE.  I’m starting to doubt seriously that we will ever be able to live in the tiny house we’ve been longing to, which sadly means that we have to find housing with every new travel assignment.  That’s quite a challenge with a new baby!

Update on travel nursing…

We’re moving to Charlotte, NC!  We were able to extend our contract in Fort Myers past baby’s due date (she was a week early anyway) by a month, so we will be packing up and moving to Charlotte on March 8th.  We are super excited to be living in a city we know and love and to be so near family and friends!  We are still in the process of trying to find housing, so prayers appreciated there.  Charlotte isn’t cheap and neither are three month leases!  Today I discovered that I can feed a screaming hungry baby and apply for an apartment lease at the same time!  I can also hold my daughter’s pacifier in her mouth with one hand while typing up a blog post with the other!  And I can eat and sanitize breast pump equipment at the same time!  Enter the one-woman band!  Anyway, housing is a big next step that we are both eager to get taken care of!


  1. Congratulations on the baby and all the one-handed tasks. I remember a couple years ago writing a blog post about the adeptness of one hand, while tending to baby with the other. But I really like your comparison to Dick Van Dyke! I hope all goes well with your move. Take care and enjoy infanthood. My #3 should be here in 7 more weeks and can’t wait!


  2. Why not get a travel trailer? Not as cute as a tiny house but functional the same (I assume). Then you could buy it from a dealership who probably has their own loan program.


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