Travel Nursing: Surrendering to the Unknown

img_6936When my husband and I were engaged we went through premarital counseling with a priest at our church. This counseling involved a lengthy test we each had to take in order to see how well matched we were. When our results came in it noted that we were a very harmonious couple but that we were both highly rigid.

This meant that we got along very well, always sought the peace, but hated going against a fixed schedule, anything unknown. We liked our plans, we liked knowing what was coming, and didn’t react well to sudden change of plans or having to be spontaneous. Our homework from our priest was to go on an unplanned date. We drove around for what felt like forever trying to decide where to eat and what to do. It stressed both us out considerably and we finally stopped and got some sushi.

God has a sense of humor, it seems, that He would take two (mostly me though, if I’m honest) rigid people and give them a really wild, adventurous life full of the unknown.

When we signed up to do travel nursing we were newly married and full of excitement at learning these new skills of flexibility and living three months at a time. I got pregnant two weeks into our first assignment, and pregnancy changed everything. Suddenly, it mattered very much to me which city we lived in and where we lived. I didn’t want to bring my baby home from the hospital to a hotel. I didn’t want to move my baby to new surroundings every time we moved. I knew babies and children do best when they have consistency and structure, and I wanted desperately to provide that for my child.

Thus began our passionate search for a tiny house that eventually led us to our current RV. Now, no matter where we go, we have a roof over our heads (and thankfully the same roof!). Our home is on wheels, and that is a great comfort to me!

We’ve been in the Charlotte area for almost a year now. Our daughter was just five weeks old when we moved north from Florida. Now, we are getting ready for her first birthday. We have stayed here so long because it’s been the best fit for us. Every time a new contract opens up it’s either filled quickly or not the right fit for us. So here we have stayed. But we don’t know if we can stay any longer. Whether we can renew our contract here is still unknown.

Our contract is finished in three weeks. I have no idea where we will be living in three weeks. That would stress most people out, especially women (especially moms), who crave security and predictability. But we have learned that where we live is not up to us; it’s up to God. God has brought us through some really tight scrapes as a family. He always provides a job for us, and He always provides a place to stay. He has been our Shepherd too many years for us to worry about it now. We aren’t really surrendering to the unknown. We are surrendering to God. While He never guarantees a safe, comfortable life, He is always faithful. He’s a much safer place to rest than simply the cold unknown.

I would say in the two years we have been married, we have learned a lot of flexibility. God’s assignment for our learning was a little more intense than that of our priest! We can rest in expectation that God will provide the very best for us.

You can, too!


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