On the Road: Life Update

What a wild few weeks it’s been since my last update!

Here’s the basic run down of our life on the road: We got a contract at the beginning of June for 10 weeks in Minneapolis, MN, just less than two weeks before our contract in Atlanta was due to expire. I could not have been happier to get a contract somewhere a little milder weather-wise and for the pay I had been praying for!

Turns out, though, that everyone in Minneapolis loves camping in RVs just as much as we do! This meant that every single campsite and RV Park in the area was booked solid for the summer! (Cue panic) Somehow, through the generosity of total strangers (with whom we have SO much in common and are quickly becoming friends!) we found a truly amazing parking spot in a residential area, right next to a park and a lake!

At this point I have no idea why I ever doubt God’s ability to provide abundantly for my life. Seriously. He knocked this one way out of the park (no pun intended!)! We are only 20 minutes from the hospital, ten minutes from an Anglican church, five minutes from the post office, gym, Massage Envy, Pho, health food store, etc.

Getting an amazing location wasn’t the last thing up God’s sleeve, though. Right as we were pulling into town we found out that we needed a Minnesota nursing license. Somehow we thought MN was a compact state (states that accept each other’s nursing credentials and don’t require a special license). Nope! Lots of panicky prayers, trips to get fingers prints scanned, and paperwork later we still had no license and it was looking like we were going to have to start a week late. One simple phone call on Friday to the right person and the temporary license was approved so we could start work Monday (today!). So many miracles!

Now that we are parked, I’m getting back into working on my classes for my Master Herbalist certification. God made so many plants with many incredible uses. I’m always blown away by the resources we have in the plant world! I’m learning so much and I can’t wait to use this new knowledge in my health coaching practice! Speaking of which, I’m hoping to start classes for my Health Coach certification this summer!

Any guesses where we’ll be in the fall? We sure don’t know! Feel free to lodge your predictions in the comments!

Author: travelingtinylivinghealthy

My husband and I are embarking on adventure: travel nursing, building and living in a tiny house, and trying to live healthy along the way. Come with us!

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